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When it comes to ensuring safety and protection, access control is essential, if your security protocols restrict entry to unauthorized personnel.

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Access Control Systems

   AAS is proud to be a market leader in building access control and security management.  Our access control products range from a single door application to a fully integrated system capable of managing thousands of doors and alarm monitoring points on a global scale.

A building access control system not only secures and controls all entry and exit points in and around your facility, we have the ability to generate and maintain a Lock Down Scenario, as well as integrate with parking, visitor management, and Intercom solutions.  Our systems will accommodate various reader technologies which include QR, magnetic stripe, proximity, mobile, and biometric verification.  Public floors and normal business hours access is allowed by time schedules with or without the need for secure credentials.  Our solutions give you the added benefit of securing the premises after hours through the security protocols of an identification card, personal identification number (PIN) or time schedules.

Fully Integrated Access Control

Cloud Based or On Premise Solutions

Integrated Visitor Management and Parking Solutions

Audio/Video Based Door Entry

Turnstiles, Gates, and Barriers

Multiple Credential Styles are Supported. Cards, Key Fobs, Mobile, RFID, Biometrics, Etc.


Preventing Card Duplication

   One of the issues facing the access control industry is the act of card duplication.  This has been an ongoing issue for several years now, however, it has been made much easier in recent times due to the availability of duplication devices available with a brief internet search and credit card purchase.  This has also gained more traction lately due to card duplication machines being deployed in many of the major U.S. box stores.  Now duplicating what was once thought to be a secure card is as easy as copying a standard key.  We at A.A.S. have several products that can eliminate the fear and possibility of this happening at your facility.  Contact us for more information regarding card duplication or click the link below for an industry professional’s take on this situation.

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